Hotels and restaurants increase ROI on lower-cost breakfast item


Hotels and restaurants increase ROI on lower-cost breakfast item

Kansas City, MO – While offering novel breakfast items to customers can bring a high return on investment, breakfast doesn’t have to break the bank. Classic items like waffles can provide a luxury breakfast at a relatively low cost, and the hotel and restaurant industries can respond to this shifting market in strategic ways.

In a side-by-side comparison, waffles are one of the lowest-cost breakfast items for hotels and restaurants, averaging less than 36 cents each, compared with a frozen cheese omelet, which averages more than double at 78 cents:

Lowest-Cost Breakfast Item

For the hospitality market, that kind of cost savings can make a real difference, as hotels seek to create that superior experience for their guests that’s vital to drawing new customers and building loyalty. Because a large majority of travelers view free breakfast as a huge factor in deciding where to stay, the quality and variety of that free breakfast can play a large role in satisfaction rates. Plus, stocking low-maintenance breakfast items, like make-your-own waffles, cuts down on staffing needs.

For restaurants, many are finding breakfast to be a profitable addition to their menus, especially as breakfast visitors at restaurants are growing by large numbers. Breakfast items like waffles offer a gourmet dish and a high profit margin. While the cost of other breakfast staples like eggs, bacon and fresh fruits may fluctuate depending on market values, the cost of making a waffle remains relatively inexpensive.

“Research backs up the fact that breakfast is a highly valued meal for consumers, with the opportunity of retaining high profit margins,” said Mark Truitt, president of Heartland Waffles. “Menu items like waffles are really the perfect solution for high-quality and gourmet dining experiences that don’t break your budget. We’re proud to partner with many hotels and restaurants across the country to deliver that superior waffle experience while also helping them boost their bottom line.”

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